The color
of lilac
peaks through
the dusty clouds
that blanket us
and the
emerald green
palm trees.
A vague coolness
of the mild breeze
and dimmed
natural light
along with
the faded sounds
of bristle
and nocturnal life
cool the excited senses.
This is the winter.

Gabriel Sanders



Racing for the Red Light

Speeding up to prove a point
Tearing through the scenery
Reacting to an imaginary fight
Elevating the heart rate prematurely
Stressing over nothing
Smiling from satisfaction
Ignoring rights and rules
Nothing is better than winning
Gaining points to prove one’s existence

Ordered by the creed
Vindicated by the speed
Encouraged by the need
Remembered by the greed

No one can live one’s life
On automatic pilot
Testing survival of the fittest
How many times can one push
Into the current of circumstance?
Never letting the natural flow of being
Gear the charge towards the natural ending.

Gabriel Sanders

when you’re away…

i dont care about the who you know

i dont care about the names you drop

i dont care about the where you go

i dont care about the places you stop


i dont care about the stories you share

i dont care about the lives you try

i dont care about the clothes you wear

i dont care about the things you buy


i dont care about the gossip you learn

i dont care about the why you do

i dont care about the bridges you burn

i dont care about the what you knew


i dont care about the foods you eat

i dont care about the money you spend

i dont care about the faces you meet

i dont care about the hearts you mend


…all i care about is if you are okay




gabriel sanders


there she is

there she is

sleeping in a sea of blue leather

feet shifting in a whimsical dream

her hair draped over her soft shirt

beautiful in the dimmed lights

beautiful in my fantasy come to life


there she is





gabriel sanders


breathing in life

eyelashes fall

blessings made

become reality


another rainbow

nullifies mundanity

delivering happiness


forgetting stories

letting go

old thoughts

welcomes awareness




gabriel sanders


A gentle thread.

A gentle thread
Lies below
Leveling the ground

Taunting us
Here and now
Ever delicate
Responsive and

It’s life’s challenge
Some may believe.



Gabriel Sanders


I never felt alive

During the slave drive

Of working nine to five

Like a bee in a hive

To earn to strive

And struggle to thrive

So from the rocks

I took a dive

Now here I thrive

And love to be alive

To take a coastal drive

Lay in the sun until five

Away from the noisy hive

I have let go the need to strive

Here I breathe and thrive

On the calm water

I float

Gabriel Sanders


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